Finding the Right Shoes Changed My Life

incised bestwalkingfeetWe all wear our shoes everyday to everywhere we go. They act like our buddy protecting our feet from harm and making sure we can get to where we are going safely. That being said, most people still overlook the importance of a good pair of shoes in our daily life. Sure you can find a pair of shoe anywhere and some are too cheap to even pass on. However, aside from its price, you also need to consider the quality of the shoes that you are going to buy. You need to remember that you will use it for years and it should withstand any kind of weather or situation.

I know I learned this the hard way when I used to buy cheap pairs of shoes. One day, I was late for work and I had to walk because the traffic was too heavy. While walking, it started drizzling and some streets had formed little puddles. I accidentally stepped on a puddle and the soles of my shoes just got separated from its body. It was such a horrible experience because I had no shoes and I was running late for work.

In the end, I had to go to the local department store to buy a new pair of shoes which cost more than I bargained for. Because of this experience, I never buy shoes that are not best for me and are not durable. No person deserves to go through the hassle of what I had to go through that day, so here are some shoes that might fit you perfectly.

Asics Gel-DS Trainer

This is one of the most favorite lightweight training shoes that give you stability. It has been praised as having the gold standard in the performance trainer category by many sports magazines. Each model in this line keeps getting lighter with the recent one just 7 ounces in weight. Asics made the upper seamless to prevent your feet from blistering a well. It’s also equipped with Wet Grip outsoles for those pesky rainy days. The Asics Gel-Noosa Tri 8 is a good shoe for people with plantar fasciitis.

New Balance 890

This shoe is extremely light but gives you a nice cushion on your feet. You will notice an increased speed on your long walks because you will feel happy walking with these shoe on. Each version of this line change it shapes so make sure you know which one you really mean to get. This line has been awarded the best updated shoes by sports magazine. New Balance Leadville 1210 is a good shoe for people with high arches.

Brooks Ghost

The lightness and comfort of these shoes is very impressive. It already garnered many Editors’ choice of different magazines and was proclaimed as one of the best overall shoes around today. The best version so far is the Ghost 6 because it is specifically designed for heel strikers. It also has a waterproof version with Gore-tex for the rainy seasons. There are claims that you can wear this shoe for a good hike and they will still hold up because of its top quality deign and material.

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