My name is Kelly and this is a personal blog where I’ll share my thoughts and things that happened to me. Please be patient in reading my blog and I hope you like what I put here. Please leave a comment or a message if you want to say hi or react on my posts. I just want to say that my opinions are just of my own so if I say something wrong, it’s okay to correct me.

I know there are a lot of music lovers like me so please do say hi if you have stumbled upon my blog. I also want to know what popular music you have where you live. I’m excited to exchange playlists with people that I can get to know through my blog. The posts that I will be making are mostly about my day to day activities or anything that’s happened to me that I want to share with all of you. I hope I’m able to help some people out there with my posts.

Music has always been the source of my strength and inspiration. For me, music is already part of life and I believe that everybody should think the same. I know everyone has their own music preference and I totally respect that. When I’m sad, music makes me happy and makes me feel like I can get through anything. I want to express my gratitude to music so much that I made this blog to dedicate to it.